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I’ve used the DualSense technology since I got my PlayStation 5 Pro. It’s a great feature that improves how you play games, but it can be improved. The PS5 Pro Dual Sense controller already has everything you need and more. So why should you buy one if voice commands are already built-in? The answer is simple: convenience.

 Is PS5 Pro controllers essential?

After all the hype surrounding the PS5 Pro and its specs. The answer is no, the DualShock 4 is a great controller and even better than the Xbox One Elite Controller or Nintendo Switch Pro. You can get an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro to play games on your old console and save yourself some money. With all that said, you should consider buying one of these controllers if you’re looking for something with many buttons and analog sticks—but they aren’t necessary!

If you want a more comfortable controller, go with the Xbox One Elite Controller or Nintendo Switch Pro. They both have better grips and trigger buttons than the DualShock 4. But if you’re trying to save money, get a DualShock 4—it’s all you need in your gaming arsenal.

DualShock 4.

One of the best controllers ever created is the DualShock 4. As a longtime PlayStation gamer, I’ve used the controller since day one. It’s my go-to for everything from playing games on my PS4 to watching Netflix on the couch with friends or family members—and it’s also one of the best controllers ever made.

The DualShock 4 has a lot of technology built in to make it feel great:

  • Its thumbsticks are far superior to Xbox Ones.
  •  It uses capacitive touch technology instead of pressure-sensitive triggers (which means you don’t have to press hard).
  •  Additional buttons on its grips allow you to customize your gameplay experience even further. If you’re playing a game where precision matters, like fighting or driving games (like Forza Motorsport 7). That is an excellent choice because it gives gamers more control over their actions without sacrificing accuracy or speed.

One thing worth mentioning here: while I think this controller looks cooler than previous models did. When they were first released back in 2005…it just doesn’t work as well anymore, mainly due to two reasons:

1) Some people prefer their old controllers’ design; 

2) Eewer games such as Fortnite now use mouse controls instead, which means they no longer need physical controls anyway.”

The DualShock 4 also has a built-in headphone jack. Which is great for those who want to play video games while listening to their preferred music.

The DualShock 4 has a lot of technology built in to make it feel great. The DualShock 4’s thumbsticks are far superior to Xbox Ones. The analog sticks on the PS4 controller have an excellent grip and feel great in your hands, while they feel like they will fall out of place. When you play with an Xbox One controller. The triggers are also better than those on the Xbox One controllers. They have no wobble or movement when pressed hard enough to actuate an action command like firing your gun or throwing a grenade at enemies.

The buttons on the PS4 controller are also much more comfortable to press than those on the Xbox One controller. The shoulder buttons have a nice rubber texture that feels great when you’re playing. While they feel too smooth and slippery on an Xbox One controller.

The DualShock 4’s thumbsticks

The DualShock 4’s thumbsticks are far superior to Xbox Ones. The DS4’s thumbsticks are more sensitive and less prone to wear and tear than the Xbox One controller.

The PS4 Pro has an updated version of these thumbsticks, making them even better allowing you to perform micro-movements while playing at higher resolutions (e.g., 1440p). Some people have said they prefer this new model over their previous one due to its increased responsiveness and accuracy when playing games on ultra settings or higher resolutions like 4K/60fps.

The DS4’s shoulder buttons are more responsive than the Xbox One controller’s. The triggers on the DualShock 4 have a spring-loaded mechanism that makes them feel much more natural when you squeeze them—it’s not as easy to accidentally press these triggers as it is on an Xbox One controller.

Updated design

The PS4 controller has an updated design with a clicky D-pad and added face buttons on its grips. Plenty of other options exist if you’re not a fan of the DualShock 4. The Xbox One controller is considered to be among the top gaming controllers ever made, and it has its advantages over the DualShock:

  • It’s wireless. That means you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with wires or plugs when playing games—or even just using your device on your couch because you can sit closer!
  •  It has an improved D-pad (which isn’t clicky like on PS4) and built-in speakers for sound output from your console.

It’s also worth noting that the Xbox One controller is compatible with Windows PCs, so you can also use it for gaming on your computer. The Xbox One controller has different designs and colors from third-party manufacturers like Hyperkin, Razer, and Power A.

PS4 Pro handheld or pro controller.

One of the best controllers is the DualShock 4 ever made. It has all the technology built to make it feel great. It can be used with just about any game on any platform (it’s also compatible with PCs). In thumbsticks, though, Xbox One players will want an Xbox One wireless controller instead of Sony’s DualShock 4. The PlayStation 4 has had several updates since its launch in 2013. It now has an updated design with clicky D-pads and added face buttons on its grips. Different types are available depending on which version you buy (PS4 Slim vs. original model). The newer models offer more ergonomic comfort, thanks.


If you’re looking for a better controller for your favorite games. Try a new one instead of buying another PS4 Pro handheld or pro controller.


You need an app if you love YouTube and want to download videos. We’ve found five amazing apps for Mac and PC that will help you download videos from YouTube downloaders for PC as easily as possible.

Easily download videos from YouTube in the easiest way.

It’s easy to download videos from YouTube downloaders for MAC and PC. You need to:

  • Open up any video on YouTube, and select a free app to download videos from YouTube with ease.
  •  If you’re unsure how to achieve this, keep reading these steps: 1) Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome). 2) Type “YouTube” into the search bar. 3) Click on one of the results that come up. 4) Select “Download.” 5) Choose either MP4 or WebM for the format. 6) Click Save File!

-If you’re using Firefox, click on the green button that says “Save File.” -If you’re using Chrome, right-click on the video and select “Save video as…”

How to make use of a free YouTube video downloader.

First, open the video you want to download and select “Save Video As…”.

Then, open the app you want to use for this purpose (e.g., VLC Media Player).

After that, click on its icon to be highlighted as a selection on your screen. Then click on its name until all of its features are visible in a drop-down list; these include options such as Save As and Share Link/URLs/Tabs, etc. After selecting one or more of these features from their respective lists, click anywhere outside them so they’re no longer visible – but still accessible by typing into their respective fields instead!

This feature is currently available for the following apps: 8 Eyes (Android), Ace Player (Android), and AirDroid (Android & iOS) – not activated by default! It’s easy to start in Settings | Account Information | Enable AirDroid. But we have to warn you that this will also enable some ads. You can deactivate these ads by going into Settings | Account Information | Advanced options and unchecking “Report Ads” and “Enable Ad Tracking.” Then, go back to the same screen and click on the “Keep me logged in at all times” option so that you’re logged out of your account more frequently. This way, the app will only serve.

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac & PC (Free)

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac & PC (Free) is a free download that can be used on both PC and Mac. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and great for downloading YouTube videos.

It can also download audio files from YouTube downloaders for MAC, and other video-sharing sites. The software is easy to install, and it’s straightforward to use.

Method 1: To download a video, launch it. Select “Save Video As…”.

  • Launch it and select “Save Video As…” to download a video.
  •  Identify the file’s name and location—a new video file on your computer or mobile device.
  •  Click “Download” to download the file immediately (or wait until it’s finished).

You can also choose “Save Video As” when you right-click on the video you wish to download..”. Determine the name and location of your new video file on your computer or mobile device. Click “Download” to download the file immediately (or wait until it’s finished).

Method 2: To download a video, launch it. And click the URL button.

You must click on the URL button to download a YouTube video. That’s the link at the top of every video page on YouTube. You can also find it in many other types of content on YouTube, including movies and music videos.

You are unsure where this link is located or how to get there, try looking for “URL” in your browser’s address bar and typing it in until it appears—it should look something like this.

If you don’t see a URL button, ensure You’re utilizing your browser’s most recent version. If you’re still having trouble finding it, try searching for “how to download YouTube videos” or “how to save YouTube videos.”

The third and final method to download YouTube videos is by clicking on the “Download” link at the top right corner of the video page.

That will take you directly to where your downloaded content is saved. You can open that file in a File Manager, find and copy its URL, paste it into a browser window (or use a different app), and enjoy!

The sole drawback of this approach is that you can only download videos with a maximum length of 20 minutes. If you want more, use one of the above methods instead.

Method 4: The easiest way to download YouTube videos is by using the “Add to Archive” option.

The most straightforward approach to obtaining YouTube videos is the “Add to Archive” option:

  • Open your browser and go to (or whatever URL you want). That will take you to the add-to-archives page, which has all your previously downloaded videos in a list format.
  •  Click on a video and press “Download.”

When you finally download the video, You can decide on the format and quality you want to download. Once you have chosen your settings, press “Save.”

Method 5: Use our tool to download videos from YouTube easily.

YouTube videos can be downloaded using the program. It is free, easy to use, and fast. The device is also safe and secure.

The tool is easy to use. It would help if you pasted the video URL you want to download in the box and clicked on After a brief delay. The download will begin automatically.

You don’t need any special skills to use one of these apps. 

Just open up any video on YouTube and select a free app. You don’t need any special skills to use one of these apps. Just open up any video on YouTube and select a free app. It’s that simple!

You can use a free app to download videos from YouTube downloaders for MAC, search for the name of your favorite music artist or band, and then choose their channel from the results list. Either way, you can download all kinds of content with just a few clicks—from music clips and live performances down to interviews and personal appearances by some big names in the entertainment industry today.

If someone tells you they have something cool coming up soon (or if they’re playing at your local concert venue), try downloading it before it gets too late!


You gained an understanding of how to download from this article. YouTube videos using a free app. If you want more information about the best YouTube downloader apps, check out our website for guides on using these apps. You can also contact us if you have any questions!


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 150 million daily users. It’s an excellent way for businesses to connect with their audience and create brand awareness. But with so many people using Snapchat. There are also going to be some scammers who want in on this lucrative market. That’s why we’ve put together this list of all the scams. You should know about before signing up for any new service on Snap Inc.’s platform:

Section: Fake Ads

If you’re looking into Snapchat advertising options, make sure that any company. You’re considering isn’t just using fake ads to get business from unsuspecting users. Plenty of shady companies out there will use any trick. They can think of including ones that may seem innocent at first glance to lure. People sign up for something they don’t want or need!

Section: Scam City USA

The Snapchat Scam

Snapchat has a reputation for being a safe social media platform, but it’s not immune to scams. Snapchat scams are on the rise and can be hard to spot. The company is facing an uphill battle against scammers targeting specific groups of users with fake accounts.

Snapchat is still relatively new in terms of its popularity as compared to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. So there is little data available about how much money these types of scams cost Snapchat itself. However, we know that they may cost you more than just your time if you fall victim to one of these scams. Then all your personal information could end up in the wrong hands–and hackers could use this info against you later down the line!

Snapchat is a relatively new social media platform, and the company has been working hard to improve its security features. However, it’s still essential for users to be aware of how these scams work. That enables them to avoid these situations altogether or at least know what actions to take if they become involved in one.

The primary way that Snapchat scams work is by targeting specific groups of users. Scammers will create fake accounts that look and act like the real ones, then use them to trick people into giving them personal information or sending money. To do this, they’ll often make claims about raising money for charity or selling a product at a discount—these are just some examples of what scammers might say to reel you in! However

Fake News about Snapchat Scams

Snapchat is not a scam. The company is not going out of business, and Facebook will not buy it, nor will Snapchat sell your data or hand over any information to third parties. Snapchat is a legitimate company that has been around since 2011, so you can rest assured that there are no plans for any changes?

There are also no “block” features for accounts that have been inactive for 30 days; however, if you’re worried about someone using this method as an opportunity to send spam messages or other types of junk into your inbox.

If you’re still worried about the legitimacy of Snapchat, then we suggest searching for “Snapchat scam”.
Read some of the other articles that experts have written on this topic. From experience, it’s implausible that anyone can impersonate a company like Snapchat and trick you into giving up personal information or money.

Snapchat does not sell your data to third parties. If you’re concerned about someone using this method as an opportunity to send spam messages or other types of junk to your inbox. In that case, we suggest contacting Snapchat directly at [email protected] to have your account locked down.

Don’t fall for these scams.

  • Don’t share your personal information. If a stranger asks for your password, PIN, or other private information, don’t give it to them!
  • Only click on links you know. If a link seems wrong, don’t click on it – even if the person sending it says they know you and want to help!
  • Don’t download apps or software from unofficial sites (like hacked websites). These scams often involve fake versions of popular apps that trick users into downloading malware onto their phones or computers.

Don’t share your passwords with anyone. If someone asks you for your password or PIN, don’t give it to them. Use a different password for multiple sites – especially if they contain personal information like banking accounts or social media profiles!

It’s also essential to protect your family. Talk to them about cyber safety and make sure they know the rules!

Make sure your phone is locked with a PIN or password. If someone steals your phone, they won’t be able to access any of your personal information (like banking apps) if it’s locked down. Ensure your devices are updated with the latest security patches and software updates! These updates often include new features but also fix known security vulnerabilities that could allow hackers access to private information.

Make sure you’re using a secure connection. If your device is connected to public WiFi, it might experience slower speeds. Ensure that the WiFi network has an encrypted password (which starts with “https://”) and doesn’t require a username/password combination for access.

If you’re using a public WiFi network, ensure it’s secure.
If it lacks encryption with a password or username/password combination and is freely accessible, hackers are likely to exploit its vulnerabilities. Be careful when using public WiFi networks!


With the rise of social media, scams have also been on the rise. This can be particularly dangerous for younger audiences as they are more likely to fall victim to these scams than older people. While Snapchat isn’t completely free from them, there are some tips you can use to help guard against them:

Be wary of anyone asking you to send money through a third-party service (like Venmo) or link your bank account directly with theirs; always check their website before giving them any personal information; and make sure that accounts like Instagram don’t allow its users access without verifying their email address first!

Discover effective strategies to resolve How to fix high CPU usage on your host system and ensure smoother performance. In this blog post comprehensive guide, we’ll talk you through step-by-step solutions to tackle this common issue and optimize your computer’s responsiveness.”

Several things can cause high CPU Service host systems. 

Section 1: Corrupt files in the /etc/ directory. If your server is running low on memory, it might need more space to store the files necessary for your How to fix high CPU usage host system to function correctly. That would cause High CPU usage host system issues and make it difficult for users to access the Internet or perform tasks that had previously worked fine on their computer.

Section 2: Outdated software versions installed on your system or other hardware components that are incompatible with each other could also be causing High CPU usage host system problems on your system. For example, suppose you’re using an outdated driver version for one piece of hardware (such as a video card) and installing software that uses different drivers (such as an operating system). In that case, this could lead to incompatibilities, which would cause High CPU usage and host system errors when used together.

What is a Service Host System?

A service host System is a Windows service that starts other services, applications, processes, and tasks. That can be very useful in your computer if you want to run multiple operating systems on the same machine (like dual booting).

If you are having issues with the Service Host System not working correctly or not responding at all, then there are some things you can do to fix this issue:

  • Ensure no antivirus software is blocking your computer’s startup process by temporarily turning it off when troubleshooting. You will also need to restart your computer after turning off the antivirus software before trying again with the Service Host System.
  • If possible, try using another user account on your system instead of using an Administrator account because sometimes small changes made under an Administrator account can cause problems for other users who have given permissions for specific actions, which might include everything from system32/downloaded files folder location (.dll/.sys) permissions settings; registry keys creation/modification, etc.

You can also try using another account to check if this issue still occurs on your computer. If the problem is gone after you have used another version, there may be a conflict between the Administrator account and other user accounts on your system.

How to fix the Service host System on Windows 10?

Task Manager is available in Windows 10 to check the CPU consumption and correct the Service host System. If you see high CPU usage, try to find out what is causing it by using the Task Manager tool. Suppose a program is responsible for causing high CPU usage. In that case, you can stop it from running by right-clicking on that program’s name and selecting the “Stop” option from its context menu or by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DELETE key combination (that will open up Task Manager).

You should also close all programs that are currently running to free up some RAM space. So that other processes run smoothly without any issues like freezing or crashing due to low memory resources being exhausted. Due to heavy load caused by multiple applications running simultaneously from different locations within our computer’s hard drive(s). That could cause severe problems including system instability which may lead us to have trouble accessing files stored within our folders/filesystems which will result in losing important data stored inside them forever.

So make sure everything goes well before doing anything else because if something goes wrong, no one will ever know why until after their death–or worse yet–until. They’ve been reincarnated as another person who was born without memories whatsoever…

So, Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries or need help with anything. We hope you enjoyed this article and will return for more exciting stuff like this!

How do we fix the Service host System in Windows 11?

  • Launch Task Manager, then select the Processes tab.
  • Find the service host System process and right-click on it, then select End Process.
  • Click Yes when prompted to confirm ending this process.

Stop the Windows Process Monitor utility by clicking the Start button and typing “Process Monitor” in the search box. Right-click on the process monitor icon that appears and select Exit.

Ctrl+Shift+Es will launch the Windows Task Manager. Type “PS” in the top left box and press Enter.

Find the process host System process and right-click on it, then select End Process. Click Yes when prompted to confirm ending this process.

Uninstall the offending program(s) and then re-install the application. If you still have the same problem, try another PC first. And it still needs to work, to find out what causes this error.

If you are still experiencing the same problem, try another PC. It has yet to work and you do not know what causes this error, find out what causes it.

If you are using a PC, try another PC to see if it works or not. Then that means the problem is within your computer. If you’re using a laptop, try plugging in an external monitor and see if that fixes the issue.

If it doesn’t, then the problem is with your laptop. And if you’re using an external monitor that still doesn’t work, try plugging in another monitor. If that doesn’t work either, then there may be something wrong with your graphics card.

You can fix the Service host System quickly.

If you’ve followed the troubleshooting guide and still have the same problem, try another PC first. It hasn’t worked and you’re still having problems with the Service host System. You can try a system restore point or contact an administrator for assistance with this error. If the issue persists, it’s time to contact Microsoft support. Service Host System is a Windows service that provides an environment where services run. It runs in the background, and you may only notice it if something goes wrong or another service relies on this one.

If you’re having trouble with Service Host Sysmain, try a few things before contacting Microsoft for support. First, try restarting your computer and then rerunning the program. If the error persists, try uninstalling any programs that may be causing the issue.


Service host Systems can be a significant headache if you have a Windows computer, so fix it as soon as possible.