The top free YouTube downloaders for MAC and PC in 2023

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You need an app if you love YouTube and want to download videos. We’ve found five amazing apps for Mac and PC that will help you download videos from YouTube downloaders for PC as easily as possible.

Easily download videos from YouTube in the easiest way.

It’s easy to download videos from YouTube downloaders for MAC and PC. You need to:

  • Open up any video on YouTube, and select a free app to download videos from YouTube with ease.
  •  If you’re unsure how to achieve this, keep reading these steps: 1) Open your browser (Firefox or Chrome). 2) Type “YouTube” into the search bar. 3) Click on one of the results that come up. 4) Select “Download.” 5) Choose either MP4 or WebM for the format. 6) Click Save File!

-If you’re using Firefox, click on the green button that says “Save File.” -If you’re using Chrome, right-click on the video and select “Save video as…”

How to make use of a free YouTube video downloader.

First, open the video you want to download and select “Save Video As…”.

Then, open the app you want to use for this purpose (e.g., VLC Media Player).

After that, click on its icon to be highlighted as a selection on your screen. Then click on its name until all of its features are visible in a drop-down list; these include options such as Save As and Share Link/URLs/Tabs, etc. After selecting one or more of these features from their respective lists, click anywhere outside them so they’re no longer visible – but still accessible by typing into their respective fields instead!

This feature is currently available for the following apps: 8 Eyes (Android), Ace Player (Android), and AirDroid (Android & iOS) – not activated by default! It’s easy to start in Settings | Account Information | Enable AirDroid. But we have to warn you that this will also enable some ads. You can deactivate these ads by going into Settings | Account Information | Advanced options and unchecking “Report Ads” and “Enable Ad Tracking.” Then, go back to the same screen and click on the “Keep me logged in at all times” option so that you’re logged out of your account more frequently. This way, the app will only serve.

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac & PC (Free)

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac & PC (Free) is a free download that can be used on both PC and Mac. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and great for downloading YouTube videos.

It can also download audio files from YouTube downloaders for MAC, and other video-sharing sites. The software is easy to install, and it’s straightforward to use.

Method 1: To download a video, launch it. Select “Save Video As…”.

  • Launch it and select “Save Video As…” to download a video.
  •  Identify the file’s name and location—a new video file on your computer or mobile device.
  •  Click “Download” to download the file immediately (or wait until it’s finished).

You can also choose “Save Video As” when you right-click on the video you wish to download..”. Determine the name and location of your new video file on your computer or mobile device. Click “Download” to download the file immediately (or wait until it’s finished).

Method 2: To download a video, launch it. And click the URL button.

You must click on the URL button to download a YouTube video. That’s the link at the top of every video page on YouTube. You can also find it in many other types of content on YouTube, including movies and music videos.

You are unsure where this link is located or how to get there, try looking for “URL” in your browser’s address bar and typing it in until it appears—it should look something like this.

If you don’t see a URL button, ensure You’re utilizing your browser’s most recent version. If you’re still having trouble finding it, try searching for “how to download YouTube videos” or “how to save YouTube videos.”

The third and final method to download YouTube videos is by clicking on the “Download” link at the top right corner of the video page.

That will take you directly to where your downloaded content is saved. You can open that file in a File Manager, find and copy its URL, paste it into a browser window (or use a different app), and enjoy!

The sole drawback of this approach is that you can only download videos with a maximum length of 20 minutes. If you want more, use one of the above methods instead.

Method 4: The easiest way to download YouTube videos is by using the “Add to Archive” option.

The most straightforward approach to obtaining YouTube videos is the “Add to Archive” option:

  • Open your browser and go to (or whatever URL you want). That will take you to the add-to-archives page, which has all your previously downloaded videos in a list format.
  •  Click on a video and press “Download.”

When you finally download the video, You can decide on the format and quality you want to download. Once you have chosen your settings, press “Save.”

Method 5: Use our tool to download videos from YouTube easily.

YouTube videos can be downloaded using the program. It is free, easy to use, and fast. The device is also safe and secure.

The tool is easy to use. It would help if you pasted the video URL you want to download in the box and clicked on After a brief delay. The download will begin automatically.

You don’t need any special skills to use one of these apps. 

Just open up any video on YouTube and select a free app. You don’t need any special skills to use one of these apps. Just open up any video on YouTube and select a free app. It’s that simple!

You can use a free app to download videos from YouTube downloaders for MAC, search for the name of your favorite music artist or band, and then choose their channel from the results list. Either way, you can download all kinds of content with just a few clicks—from music clips and live performances down to interviews and personal appearances by some big names in the entertainment industry today.

If someone tells you they have something cool coming up soon (or if they’re playing at your local concert venue), try downloading it before it gets too late!


You gained an understanding of how to download from this article. YouTube videos using a free app. If you want more information about the best YouTube downloader apps, check out our website for guides on using these apps. You can also contact us if you have any questions!

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