Utmost web developers and programmers use wordpress.com and wordpress.org to develop a bug-free and trendy WordPress website. They both are the trendiest and easy to use platform toward the buildup of a website. Still, a lot of developers may get confused and stuck between the both especially the beginners and learners. That’s the big reason that, at the beginning level of career as a web developer, every newbie thinks that which one is better from the two and which platform should they have to use when to start working on their first web development project.

To overcome this stuckness and confusion, here we are going to describe all the major and minor facts and differences between wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

Before to differentiate the two, first and foremost let’s discuss in brief about what is WordPress and what is its usage?

What is WordPress?

In today’s time, WordPress is the trendiest CMS (Content Management System) and one of the most simple and easiest platform to create blogs or website for any purpose. Like Blogs, Personal or commercial websites, e-store, profit or non-profit websites, government websites and so on. It is a 100% free open-source tool which is specially designed to create a stylish website, which is basically written in a programming language called PHP and MYSQL. Apart from this, all the websites and web pages are created in WordPress platform are fully responsive and compatible on every screen size such as desktop, mobiles, tablet, and also compatible on every web browser.

Every individual plan to start an e-business to make and earn more money, and wants their own website, although they are a business owner, a startup or a student. A website and a blog are the most simple and easy way to reach more customers and in the increment of the product sells. Several people believe that creating a website is quite difficult, especially for those, who are from the non-IT sector. The truth is, making a blog or a website becomes easier by the use of the trendiest and easy to use website creating platform which is known as Word Press. It is a content management system which is specially designed to make a website, also this platform did not require the knowledge of any programming language.

What is WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress.com is a website building platform which is developed in PHP language. This web application made by Matt Mullenweg and his organization Automattic. Matt is additionally the co-founder of the WordPress programming, which is another motivation behind why the entire WordPress.com versus WordPress.org things is so befuddling. To exacerbate the situation, Automattic is likewise a major supporter of the WordPress open source venture.

While on the second side, wordpress.org is sometimes also referred to as the real WordPress, is the famous web development platform that you have heard all the immense things about. It is an open source and 100% free to utilize. All you require is a domain name and web hosting. This is the reason it is additionally alluded to as a self-hosted web development tool.

Money expansion and time required by wordpress.com and wordpress.org

In each and every term cost always matters. If the same series, if we talk about wordpress.com, then yes, its free, but this “free” is merely applicable on fewer basic plans. Whenever a user chooses any of this free plan, they, will get a subdomain along with the extension of wordpress.com, for instance (http://yourwebsite.wordpress.com). If you are looking to add more technical fectures to your webpage in wordpress.com along with your oun domain name (http://www.yourwebsite.com) then, in this case you have to buy a paid version of wordpress.

While on the other side, whenever a user chooses wordpress.org as their website creation tool or platform for free of cost. Then it will be their best decision, as wordpress.org is completely free site building stage, where a user can develop numerous websites without spending a penny. However, it requires a little amount of money just around $2 or $3 on monthly basis for the website hosting.

Website and Data Management

When we develop a website, it needs a complete maintenance from both of its front end and back end section as well. With wordpress.com, a user did not feel so worried regarding website setup and maintenance. All you need to create an account, then you can easily customize your site as per your creativity, imagination and requirement.

On the other hand, When to go with wordpress.org, it’s a little bit complicated task to set up and maintain a website. As it has a lengthy process to establish a website setup. For this, at first, a user have to download WordPress, then create a database, then upload the downloaded WordPress server on the database server, after this user has to execute an installation process and much more.

Admin Panel and Control Options

As we all know that WordPress is a very flexible and customizable website creation platform. All the users will get a complete control over each and every section of a website that they are building. If we go with wordpress.com, then we can see that it has a in-built library with a wide range of plugins, themes and widgets which all are well featured with several advanced and technical functions.

While if we work on wordpress.org, we will get an entire experience as we have experiences with .com. Here, you may get various premium offers to get the complete usage of plugins and themes for a website. Privacy policy and security options

A lot of hackers and site attackers are looking to steal the individual’s personal or professional information which a user can transact via an online portal. Due to this, privacy and security are one of the most factor when to upload a webpage or website over the internet. In this way, both wordpress.com and wordpress.org will provide a complete security and take care of your website and its entire data from hackers and spammers.