If you are a student who further wishes to study law but wondering which practice to select. Since there are many law practices happening it becomes confusing as to which one selected. Another important thing to consider knows about the demand of law practice.

Therefore, today in this article, we have decided to share with you the top seven law practices to know about. Curious to know then keep scrolling until you reach down!

#1. Green Law

Green law is also known as environmental law. Generally, this law comprises of climate changes, greenhouse gases, global warming, and many more causes. Besides, there has been an increase in the development of technology has also increased drastically. Therefore, it is believed that business professionals will seek the need of the law professionals who will help in guiding the green business.

#2. Intellectual Property Lawyer

One of the most powerful assets of the company is Intellectual property. In simple terms, intellectual property is about imaginative and unique work. It becomes essential to protect them for the success of the business. To protect the intellectual property the businesses are going to ask for the IP lawyers who give them necessary guidance.

#3. Labour and Employment Law

As time passes by, the recession is spreading across the globe. More and more employees are being laid off. Due to which there is raising in the employment assets. The unemployed employees will be facing a financial run-off. Therefore, labour and employment lawyers come into existence.

#4. Corporate Law

The corporate law is responsible for governing the functions among the companies and organisations. It is being applied to the shareholders, stakeholders, creditors, and other directors of the superior authority.

#5. Civil Litigation

Not all businesses are achieving success. Some are on the path of financial losses. Hence, to deal with it, the business professionals are in search of finding the litigation lawyers that help them in managing the financial loss. There is a high demand for commercial litigation, class actions, insurance defence and many more.

#6. Criminal Law

One of the famous branches among the law is the criminal law that deals with the crime and those who infringement of the law. There are two Latin terms “guilty act” and “guilty mind”.

#7. E-discovery Practice

An e-discovery professional is the one who takes care of the discovery and management of electronic data. These professionals are sometimes also recognized in preserving and identifying the data.