Notepad++ mac is an app that is loved by many for being powerful and efficient as well as easy to use.  It is amongst the top favored apps used for code editing due to the fact that the replace, macro recording, language search, customizable interface, multi viewing and syntax highlighting features greatly help in handling intricate text documents.

Notepad++ mac however, is only limited to windows and is not available for macOS. So, if you’ve recently made the switch from Windows to macOS or if you’ve just bought a Mac and are completely new to macOS and are looking to do some code editing then what’s your alternative to Notepad++ mac?  Following is a list of 10 of the best alternatives to Notepad++ that can be used on macOS.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there isn’t one app that everyone finds perfect, different individuals feel differently about apps and you can find the ‘perfect’ app for you by trying out some from the list below and then checking which one is most suitable for your needs. There is no exact replacement for Notepad++ but some of these apps come pretty close to being so. Most of these text editors have a trial period which is free of charge, hence its best if you try them out before purchasing the complete versions.

#1. MacVim Text Editor

MacVim Text Editor

If you’ve heard of or used the Unix Text Editor Vim (a very powerful, popular and long-established application) then the MacVim Text Editor is the exact same version of it for macOS. All of the plug ins that are accessible on the Unix text editor are also available on MacVim Text Editor and they are easy to use and work flawlessly, the same power and customizability options are also available and these features together make the app largely favorable among code writers/editors. There are a sizeable group of people who use the app and they are readily available to respond to any queries that you may have.

There aren’t too many cons with MacVim, it is one of the best substitutes out there for Notepad++ mac and the only downside to it is that MacVim takes some time to get used to. If you are familiar with the UI and interface from Unix Text Editor Vim then it’s perfect for you but if you have absolutely no experience with either of those then you might prefer some of the other apps on this list. That being said, MacVim comes with a lot of free features and can definitely be used with some practice.

#2. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was created by Microsoft (Apple’s greatest competitor) hence it’s quite surprising that the app is perfectly compatible with macOS, in fact it is one of top text-editors for a Mac and is also completely free of charge! Highlighting is supported for 30 individual languages and more, it is keyboard centric and comes with a range of features such as: Regex support, Git control, outlining, editing that is code focused, automated real time API description, autocomplete with IntelliSense and swift source code editing. The IntelliSense attribute is what contributes in making Visual Studio Code a great editor and the app aims to fulfill the needs of coders that are trying to debug codes and programmers as well.

Microsoft is known for its visual development tools and Visual Studio Code is no different, it assists with debugging running programs with the help of call stacks, break points and an interactive console. The SCM providers and the Git control also make project managing easier than ever. With all of these features its easy to see why Visual Studio Code would make a great alternative to Notepad++ mac, other that the free aspect and the features mentioned above, it supports almost all platforms, it is easy to use and it also supports a whole bunch of other extensions that add lots of additional functionalities. Some commonly used extensions for the app are Debugger for Chrome, Sublime Text Keymap, Angular Essentials and Git Lens.

#3. Code Runner 2

Code Runner 2

Code Runner 2 has been created specifically for Mac users, it is to macOS what Notepad++ is to Windows. It is a programming editor that is advanced, affordable, very flexible and easy to use. A vast number of languages (23 to be precise) such as CSS/HTML, JavaScript, C++, C, Python 3, Objective C++, Markdown, JavaScript, Swift and AppleScript are supported by Code Runner 2 and it also ensures that large IDE features are delivered whilst remaining clutter free and light weight.  The most important part of a programmer’s job is code completion and Code Runner 2 builds on this by enabling full scale IDE level code completion for languages and including documentation extracts, tab selectable placeholders and fuzzy search. There are also a range of completely customizable templates available for every language thereby making it easy to create main methods, scripts and classes. The app is able to run multi file projects without requiring manual set up and you also have the option to set step through code and breakpoints in each line to make code debugging convenient.

Some other significant characteristics of the app are: software updates, word completions, custom compile flags, interactive console, live run statistics, run with input and argument sets, intelligent bracket matching, automatic indentation support, multiple selections, symbol navigator, file navigator and TextMate theme support. If you require a powerful program that comes with all the important features and is compatible with macOS while still being affordable then Code Runner 2 is your best alternative to Notepad++.

#4. Coda 2

Coda 2

Everything you might possibly need to hand code a website, you’re sure to find in Coda 2 which has now turned into a must have tool for a mammoth number of web developers all over the world. Since it is a text editor like Notepad++mac it comes with the usual list of features: shifting of code, fast commenting, automatic tag closing, indentation guides, fast find and replace, project wide autocomplete, code folding and of course syntax highlighting for a vast number of languages. Then what makes it unique you ask? These regular features also come with some cool new tricks that aren’t often found in text editors.

An example would be the ‘Wildcard’ token in Find and Replace which makes RegEx extremely simple, during typing the pop ups in Coda 2 allow you to create gradients, colors and much more very quickly. Coda also prides itself on it’s greatly integrated file management system. Your local files can be opened remotely and even edited on Amazon S3 servers, WebDAV, SFTP and FTP. The Files Tab can be used to transfer, copy, rename and move files from one server to another.

Air Preview is a feature that allows you to use your iPhone and iPad with Coda for iOS, this will let you preview the pages while coding on your Mac or desktop. Then there is the Coda Sidebar, this has a set of utilities to assist you while working from Clips (a function that saves frequently used phrases or text and then lets you insert this into your documents) to Find & Replace (a function that searches for a word or phrase in the entire project/ across multiple files) to a Code Navigator and much more! If you’re stuck in the middle of a project or need support then the Panic Library is available online where you can access documents, tutorials, FAQs and hints. Coda 2 is known as a “hard core tool” amongst web developers and it supports a long list of popular and unpopular plug ins to add even more features.

#5. Textastic


Textastic is another app that has been designed especially for macOS. Although it is not free of charge, it is the app that will cause the least sized dent in your wallet from this list. It has four main features: versatility, speed, connectivity and touch & type. In the versatile list, Textastic has properties like: being able to highlight 80 or more distinct types of files while typing and using your own TextMate suitable syntax definitions. Amongst the languages available are: shell script, Tex, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Python, Perl, PHP, C++, Objective C, XML and HTML. The app is also extremely fast and uses Core Text (a native macOS API) for speed. The speed factor comes into play while using interactive search as the text editor barely takes any time in responding.

Touch & Type are extra keys that can be found above the virtual keyboard and they make coding easier. Simply tapping on the screen while the editor is open leads to a cursor navigation wheel popping up on your screen which helps in simplifying text selection. If you are not comfortable using virtual keyboards then external keyboards are fully supported as well. Textastic is the go to alternative to Notepad++ for macOS for some because it supports iCloud sync which makes sure that your work is synced and up to date on all your Apple devices without you having to save anything or configuring any settings.

You can also connect to WebDAV, SFTP and FTP servers or to your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. Thanks to the SSH terminal commands can be easily run on the server, files can also be transferred between devices with the WebDAV server (inbuilt in the app). However, what I feel sets this app apart from the rest is the fact than one is able to use these features that are usually available on other paid text editors for only a very small percentage of the price that will have to be paid elsewhere.

#6. BBEdit 12

BBEdit 12

BBEdit 12 is on the expensive side, you’ll definitely have to pay more for it than for other apps but those who use the app are loyal to it and claim that the money spent is fully worth it. It has been there for a long time (the app dates back to 1992 which is even before the macOS was present!), more than 25 years now and has won numerous awards whilst gaining a lot of popularity amongst other text editors. It aims to cater to the needs of coders, programmers, software developers, web authors and even writers. The app gives you a bunch of features for manipulation of prose, searching, editing, textual data and source code. Using BBEdit 12 you can integrate smoothly into initial workflows, enjoy textual omnipotence, command servers, disks, folders and files and excise full control over your text.

The app has a friendly UI like Notepad++ and gives you quick access to some useful utilities/functions such as: an exhaustive set of strong HTML markup tools, code and text completion, macOS Unix support for scripting, AppleScript, Subversion and Git integration, SFTP and FTP save and open, code folding, syntax coloring for a range of different source code languages, function navigation, project definition tools and search and replace over a large number of files. Another advantage of this alterative to Notepad++ is the thirty-day trial period, during which all of the above features are available and then once this trial period is over the app is still usable without those annoying interruptions or pop ups but to access some of the premium features you’ll have to purchase the complete version which seems fair enough.

Using BBEdit 12 you can conduct simple as well as intricate text editing and if you really like BBEdit 12 but are unable to purchase the license due to its price then you can try out an app called TextWrangler which has been developed by the same company and uses the same technology, however it comes with fewer of the premium features.

#7. UltraEdit


This is another app that comes with a hefty price tag, UltraEdit claims itself to be the best text editor in the world and while I’ll leave it for you to decide if that is indeed the case, I can definitely agree that it is among some of the best text editors out there. The best feature of the app is the number of languages supported – Python, Perl, PHP, XML, JavaScript, Objective C, C and many more. Other than languages following are some of the attributes that make UltraEdit call itself the best in the world – The app can be used for file comparing, desktop development, performance & power, system administration, web development and text editing of course.

UltraEdit supports 4k Ultra HD and extremely large files, it can be used on Windows, macOS and even Linux, and the best part is that a single purchased license can be used for 3 different machines! The UI is already pretty great but you can still customize it according to whatever you want to see, there are a number of themes that you can choose from as well. The app’s Telnet/SSH and unified FTP capabilities make working with files from remote locations and server interaction extremely convenient. Another feature of UltraEdit is Column Mode in which you are able to edit anywhere along the vertical axis throughout the document.

The search function is a valuable asset as it’s not limited to words only, short phrases can be searched for as well and the multi section abilities and multi caret ending found in the app are some top-notch utilities. Other than all of this some other key features include: robust book marking, Base64 decode and encode, integrated Ctags, file decryption and encryption, CSV data reformatting, hex editing, duplicate/split window editing, UTF 8 support, a filtered spell checker, auto closing XML/HTML tags, code folding, hierarchical function listing and code syntax highlighting for all program languages. If you’re purchasing UltraEdit, together with it you can purchase additional Ultra packages such as: IDM All Access, Ultra Finder, UltraEdit Suite and Ultra Compare, these programs have various features that will give you additional help while editing.

#8. Brackets


Brackets falls into the list of free alternatives to Notepad++ mac. The main focus of the app is on web designing, therefore if you are a web designer then this is your best bet! Brackets has been developed by Adobe and is an open source project that is backed by a passionate and active community. It is powerful yet light weight and it caters to today’s modern generation.

Visual tools have been blended into the editor to ensure you receive the precise amount of help that is required without interfering in your innovative process. Some key features of the app include Inline Editors (to ensure you do not have to jump from one file tab to another by allowing you to open a window into the most crucial code), Live Preview (to establish a real time connection with your browser and to help you visualize your code by seeing changes that you have made to HTML and CSS immediately), Preprocessor support (Live Highlight and Quick Edit make working with LESS and SCSS files extremely easy) and Extract (this lets you get measurement information, gradient, font and color automatically from any Photoshop Document File).

Brackets also supports a number of known extensions such as W3C Validation, Autoprefixer, Git, Indent Guides, File Icons, Beautify and Emmet.

#9. Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text 3

Sublime Text is perhaps the best-known program in this list, the 3.0 version has all of the original features as well as a few additional ones such as a new UI theme, contemporary color schemes and a brand-new icon! Sublime Text comes with a ton of great features, some of which are listed below:

The GOTO ANYTHING feature is a favorite among users as it allows you to access files with the use of a few keystrokes only, and lets you immediately jump to words, lines or symbols. The GOTO DEFINITION feature enables Sublime Text to use information derived from syntax definitions to create a project wide index of each function, method and class. The Multiple Selections Option lets you conveniently change numerous lines at the same time, and then rename these just as conveniently. The Command Palette is used while sorting, changing indentation settings and changing the syntax. The Split Editing option allows you to make the best use of your monitor and lets you edit multiples files at the same time while displaying them side by side. This is extremely advantageous when you want to edit lots of columns and rows.

The INSTANT PROJECT SWITCH stores everything including unsaved and modified files, you can instantly shift from one project to another without repeatedly saving changes. The price tag is a little steep but once you’ve purchased the license you can use the same key for all the devices that you own, Sublime Text also works on all the major platforms and prides itself on using tools that optimize speed and give you the best experience. According to user reviews this app for macOS is the closest version of Notepad++ for Windows.

#10. Atom


Despite being the last program on this list, it is a top contender among the alternatives to Notepad++ mac that are available on macOS. Atom is also an open source software designed by GitHub and is knows to be highly hackable. It was made to be used online and you can find a huge community of users who have now come up with all sorts of ways to hack the program and make the best use of it. It is powerful, easy to use, approachable and contemporary! It definitely has all of the usual features that can be found on a text editor: cross platform editing, smart autocompletion, multiple file viewing, find and replace, file system browser and built in package manager.

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What everyone loves about Atom is that you can make it your own, it is fully customizable and you can do everything from changing themes, tweaking the UI and adding features with JavaScript and HTML. If the app does something you don’t like the you can change that only within a few minutes. The software is completely free and is filled with features but if you still wish to add more, then you can download a range of open source packages!