If you look back in time, you’ll realize how different the present is from the past. Since your childhood, you must have witnessed the Midas touch of technology transforming every aspect of home and work gradually. And this evolution just goes on. Take the example of TV. Over the years, TVs have gone through various transformations, adding new and more convenient features with each generation, like the picture and sound quality, USB ports, wi-fi functionality, and many other advanced features.

But take a moment and look at your TV remote. Doesn’t it make you wonder that TV remotes haven’t undergone a lot of changes? They continue to have similar buttons, only a little more now. But their functioning remains the same. They still get lost in couch corners, get misplaced around the house, run out of charge etc.

Don’t you think a smart TV deserves a better looking remote control? Especially when it’s a next-gen TV like Samsung’s.

Well, you may feel happy to learn that you can get one now. In fact, you can create one now. How? Simply by using a smart remote app like Peel. Peel TV app converts your phone into a universal remote for your Samsung TV, set-top box and media players.

Compare it with your regular remote and you see a series of stark differences, the first one being the look and feel. It has a rich interface giving a hi-tech touch to TV controlling experience. The interface is specifically optimized for Android tablets.

How is Peel smart remote better?

On the main menu, Peel TV remote has all the buttons similar to your Samsung TV remote. However, you can customize the remote according to your preference. In addition to all basic functionalities of a TV remote, Peel can perform a broad range of operations. The main remote screen has neatly organized icons to run basic commands like volume, channels, etc. It allows you to browse shows by category and jump to what you want to watch with a simple touch on the screen. One of the interesting features of Peel is that it allows you to run all basic functions even on a locked screen. But if you prefer to keep you phone inaccessible when locked, you have the option to turn it off.

Unlike a regular remote, Peel smart remote doesn’t interrupt the running show in case you want to explore what other shows are running simultaneously and what’s upcoming. It itself is a comprehensive TV guide. It shows you colored thumbnails of various shows. You can flip through these thumbnails and tap them to get the synopsis of each show. Additionally, the TV guide feature helps you plan the show-schedule for next one week so that you don’t miss what you love watching.

Another advantage is that it can still continue to add to your convenience even when you don’t have a cable subscription. Your Samsung Smart TV must already compatible with devices Xbox, media players, Chromecast etc. If you have all these devices connected with your TV, Peel universal TV remoteallows you to easily shuffle between them and give them commands. Moreover, you can use the app to control your TV’s web browser.

How to use Peel for your Samsung Smart TV?

Download the app and install it on your phone. Select your Samsung TV from the list. Once done, point your phone towards the TV, and tap the power tab to ascertain the app is working.

Basically, in order for Peel to work, your phone needs to have an IR-blaster. However, there is no need to worry if it doesn’t. It can use utilize the WiFi capabilities of your Samsung TV. Once you launch the app, it’ll give you an option to set up a wi-fi device, in this case, your TV. You only have to ensure that the phone and TV are on the same WiFi network. On top of it, once connected with your TV, you can even control Peel with your voice (limited to specific countries).

Remember how many times you would have to press the buttons on your traditional remote to perform find your favorite channel. And think about how you would have to juggle with two or three remotes if your TV was connected with multiple other devices. Peel smart TV app alone can do all of this and many other tasks with a single swipe or touch on the phone screen.

It’s the perfect companion for all types of Samsung TVs. Its interface and functioning complement the sophisticated features of your smart TV. So give your TV the right remote and download Peel today.