Hp is an American multinational brand that deals with electronics and stuff related to technology. Dell is used to be one of the finest brand of laptops. Apple is also in the list but in a good range with more specs and feature, dell gives you the best. Hp is like dell as the ranges it gives, the generations it introduces not only grab the gaze of customers but also somewhere deep down force them to buy the devices of hp. Hp has ranges of laptops, desktops, also it gives the variety of printers.

If you are a business man so you have an office, printer is known to be the first thing to buy. Printing papers, color printing, important papers, such type of documents, all need to be printed at some point so then we need help of printers. Even in some home, we can find printers. Instead to spending money each day for printing assignments and stuff related to study that requires a printer, so people prefers to buy printer.

They like to spend to money one time so that such kind of technology helps them. This is why brands introduces such type of technology that will not only benefit customer but also for the production will give a raise to their name but condition apply if they have more positive reviews, and more number of sales, and also it gives a raise to their stats which will result in equaling the cost of the budget they spent on the technology.

When it comes to printer we have so many brands and good quality printers that to find best, sometimes it becomes difficult. If you search on Google just the word “printers” the options it gives includes one name that is hp. This is tried and tested thing. Now why hp? Because of the quality it gives. You cans see laptops ranges of hp, printers of hp, you will only find best positive reviews about hp’s device.

Hp Page3000 is another production of hp of printers. The tag line of this printer says that all in one wireless inkjet printer with fax. It means there is no need to buy fax machine, it comes in itself. The rush of wires is all gone of printers. As hp page300 is a wireless printer. It has Wi-Fi and apple air print in it. Which makes a room of feasibility for the users. It is known to be the fast printer and why it is so? Because it can print 24 pages in just one minute and also includes automatic double side printing.

The performance it gives is of high quality and it is easy to use that everyone can learn it easily. All you need is to connect our Wi-Fi. The best past is you don’t need only laptop fir it, if your document is in your smartphone then you just need to connect it to WI-FI.  Fax machine, scanner and printing, all in one, just send me tie and buy all of these stuff all together. The size if this product is 612 x 483 x 393 mm and weight of this product is around 15 KG.

If we see the price comparison of this printer with other printer of hp. Then the price of hp page 300 is around £149.99 and the price of other printer of hp wit same features is around £215.99. I order to spent money with 3 devices in it for hp Page3000. Similarly if we check UK price comparison site then we can also take a look on the option that other brands are giving. Let say on one hand we have hp 3000 and on other and we will take Samsung’s printer. Samsung M2675FN is known to be the finest production in printers as it give 26 pages in just one minute which is 2 pages above than hp Page3000.

There is a separate toner in itself. Even its wright is less than hp 3000. It is around £134.27 and in UK price comparison, hp page 3000 is around £148.99. Now the difference is, in £148.99, buyer is getting 3 devices, fax, printer and scanner. Whereas if you see the feature of Samsung’s printer, you are only getting printer and there is just a difference of £15. So basically buyer is getting fax machine and scanner for only £15 which is way to less in price and one more thing to add that hp pae3000 has Wi-Fi in it.

It means no connections of wires to laptops or desktops. Even one can use mobile phone to print his or her document. Where Samsung printer is not giving these kind of feasibility that could be for the easy of buyer. So why not go for hp page3000 that is giving more specs and features and it will cost you only £15 more.

Similarly I we see the retail prices of these products and we compare retail price then the difference remain same. As there is no huge difference in retail prices and original prices. It is juts the difference of £1 or £2. Still hp page3000 wins because of the details it is offering in itself. The trade of hp page3000 will give your more benefits than any other printer.

So why not compare and save the deal of hp page300 and if we want a printer than it is a must ting to see this device. Once you do all the researches then you can go to whatever you like the best. But as the positive responses are surrounded by hp page 3000 one would definitely give a chance to this 3 in one device because it will take less space with more specs. It will be a compact device in terms of that there is no need to find space for fax machine also there is no need to set a table or scanner, which also sets for no rush for wiring. So go and try hp page3000.