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Top Marketing Products For Active Customers

Marketing Products

Developing a loyal customer base is a huge challenge that faces many aspiring entrepreneurs the world over. When approached with care and consideration, the rewards for doing so can be in abundance.

From brand exposure to financial reward, a happy customer is, in many ways, the very foundation of a successful business. In order to retain your customers, however, and to develop a healthy professional relationship that benefits all of the parties involved, it can be essential to continue the marketing process, even when you reach the stage of having a reliable core of clientele.

Here are some tips you may wish to consider when using the top marketing products for active customers.

Branded Accessories and Clothing

In a bid to increase brand loyalty, you may wish to consider the many benefits of handing out clothing and accessories adorned with your logo and aesthetic design.

In doing this, you can successfully promote your company through natural advertising while keeping your presence felt in the mind of the active customer. Moreover, it can be a superb way to market new products, especially if you happen to be selling unique clothing and accessories.

If you wanted to promote reusable materials and sustainable business practices, branded water bottles are a fantastic way to go. You may want to think about making use of a range of options available in order to observe maximum coverage, from hoodies to socks and anything that might look great with your logo.

Keep it Exclusive

Offering exclusive products to customers is a great way of keeping them on board with your brand, as it directly rewards their loyalty. This can be crucial for customer retention purposes, as it can provide people with a reason to stay with your brand for the long-term and not turn away toward other options.

Putting emphasis on the exclusivity side of the offer can help to make your customer feel cared for, recognized, and important. You may even want to consider introducing a VIP rewards scheme, as this might give you the option to monetize memberships, giving your margins a helping hand when working on promotional deals.

Early Access Products

Letting your active customers know that they can have early access to your new products can be ideal for not only retaining their attention but enticing others to sign up for your brand.

Early access is a tactic largely employed in the video game industry and to stunning effect, as it can help to create a buzz around a new product before it even launches. This marketing tactic can also be integral to the product development phase itself.

Offer Feedback Opportunities

Feedback is a perfect product development tool, but it can also help keep your active customers engaged with your brand.

Offering incentives to complete feedback forms is beneficial for both you and your customers, so implementing an easy-to-use, non-invasive platform in which customers can relay their thoughts and feelings on your products and services can be an ideal way to work on nurturing your professional relationship with your clientele.

Top 6 Rules To Follow When Taking A Mortgage Loan

Mortgage loans

Buying a new house is definitely a great idea. However, everybody may not be able to afford it. In fact, some make the full payment and buy a house, while some take a loan to make the payment, due to their insufficient funds. Recent studies conducted on mortgage loans have revealed that a majority of people living in this world depend on mortgage loans to buy a house. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with taking a loan. However, there are a few things to remember when taking a mortgage loan.

Take a quick look below to find out what they are!

Be it a personal loan or a mortgage loan, you should take a loan only if you really require it. Remember that, taking a loan without any requirement would be a waste of your money as you will be paying a high rate of interest to your lender.

Don’t borrow the amount more than what you can repay. Follow this simple logic to avoid facing unnecessary problems in the future. You should always take a loan keeping your monthly income in view as you have to pay the EMIs every month without fail. Believe me, it would be really difficult for you to manage your finances when you borrow more amount than what you can repay.

Pay your monthly EMIs on time. If you miss out to make your monthly payments, it can lead to late payment charges. This can increase the burden on you, which can make you feel stressed out.

Keep your loan tenure as short as possible to pay it off as early as possible. However, you should do this only if you are comfortable making those payments every month.

Check with different lenders about the rate of interest. In simple words, you should compare the rate of interest and facilities of different lenders to understand which one is a good deal.

Save some part of your income to make partial payments as this will help you to pay back your loan as early as possible. If you have a sufficient amount to foreclose your loan, then do it immediately without wasting your time to save your money on the rate of interest.

As we have plenty of options now for mortgage loans, it can be really confusing to make a choice. Here are some quick and easy tips for you to find a good mortgage company. Check the reviews online to find the best Denver mortgage rates. Checking the reviews online will also help you understand, which company can provide better customer service to their clients.

If you are completely occupied with your work and don’t have any time to check the reviews online, then choose Sammamish Mortgage company. This company is one of the top mortgage loan providers in the US. They provide loans at a very competitive rate of interest when compared to the others in the market. This is one of the reasons why many of the people in the US choose this company for mortgage loans.

Apply for a mortgage loan immediately to buy your dream house!

Market Research 101: Everything You Need To Know

Market Research


Market research is one of the most powerful elements that influence the success of any company. The process entails the collection of relevant data from prospective customers. It mainly evaluated the usefulness and practicality of new provisions in regards to meeting the need of the client base.

Market research enables companies to gain an improved understanding of the industry. As a result, companies can make improved decisions and prioritize customers. Comprehensive research can help you gain more customers and retain your existing ones.

Forms of Marketing Research

There are different forms of market research that depend on the implemented techniques and tools. Primary and secondary research offers two effective means of understanding the market. When it comes to primary research, the company uses its resources to conduct research. They can also outsource this service to independent third-party. The research takes into consideration qualitative and quantitative studies.

Statistical techniques are a part of quantitative research. Detailed questionnaires and surveys are some of the examples of the methods applied during quantitative research. Qualitative research relies on information about the opinions of your prospective clients. Standard methods used to gain qualitative information such as focus groups and interviews.

Primary research offers companies with exploratory and specific information. Exploratory studies cover broad areas as they focus on open-ended questions. Targeted research is defined and distinct as it concentrates on individual objectives. Secondary research uses outsourced insights from different sources.

These sources include government agencies, institutions, and media platforms. Companies can access information from magazines, business journals, educational organizations, competitor information, and newspapers.

Why Do Brands Need to Conduct Market Research?

As mentioned above, comprehensive market intelligence is crucial for the growth of your business. Conducting extensive and relevant research offers your company offers you a chance to stay ahead of your competition. You could develop ways of responding to the needs of your clients that remain unaddressed by your competitors. Researching the market improves profit margins for businesses.

For this reason, brands should prioritize research to learn and observe client behavior. Brands can concentrate on the services or products preferred by their clients. Research enhances target market segmentation considering geographical and demographics settings. Businesses need to market their provisions to recognize and avoid possible risks related to their operations.

You could simulate tests for your new products before launching them in the market. Brands can gain insight on better means to attract new customers and keep loyal clients. Through market intelligence, companies can promote their services and products. It is also possible to use and identify larger and budget-friendly platforms to attract prospective clients. Research can help target online ads and acquire adverts on social websites.

How to Get Started with Market Intelligence

Developing buyer personas is the first step involved in market research. This level entails an extensive assessment of the focused market. When developing the consumer personas, crucial factors to look out for income, gender, age, and geographical location. Buyer personas allow extensive execution and planning of the marketing plan. Another crucial step entailed in the research process is target audience segmentation.

Market segmentation offers an improvement of the characteristics and habits of clients. The best techniques to conduct target audience segmentation involves focus groups, surveys, and online interviews. You could also develop means to improve your client involvement. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter can help you boost your customer engagement.

The Takeaway

Brands need to ensure that they address all the questions raised by their clients. They also need to assess their strongholds and recognize the competing brands. You can discover new aspects of this approach when you involve professionals such as the team at NetBase Quid. It is an enlightening and impactful step to know your rival brands.

The Essential Role of Technology in the Future of Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

In the coming years, every automaker is looking forward to increasing the safety of vehicles through technology in and outside the vehicle. Fleet companies are the biggest beneficiaries of this evolution as their vehicles rely on it for increased efficiency, more productivity, and above all, reduction of accidents.

Every day, better safety technology gets added to the vehicles, and the fleet companies can either buy new vehicles with enhanced safety systems or add safety technology to their existing vehicles. All this is done in collaboration with road authorities who recommend safety increase measures.

To understand this better, every fleet company must understand the top safety systems that will enhance the safety of the fleet vehicles in the future.

GPS Surveillance Cameras

By now, many fleet companies have started using GPS surveillance cameras on the dashboard of their trucks and vehicles. Hence, there is no need for a separate GPS tracker. The beauty of using GPS integrated cameras is that they record the road ahead and show the location at the same time.

First, they promote good driving habits because the drivers are aware that the journey is recorded. Any incident on the road is recorded and transmitted to their supervisors in real-time.

GPS dash cams are used to track the vehicles in case of car-jacking or if a rogue driver decides to divert the consignment. With the advancement of this new technology, the future of fleet vehicles safety is bright.

Advanced Driver-Assist Package

You have probably heard that driver assist-technology is already here with us. However, it is now a package for high-end vehicles. But in the future, it is supposed to be a standard, especially in fleet vehicles. According to experts at https://eyeride.io/, a website that offers fleet management systems including safety devices, there are many technologies that are integrated to create an effective advanced driver-assist package.

Autonomous and semi-autonomous package – For efficiency, safety, and other benefits, future fleet companies will heavily use either autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles that communicate to each other and the roads for a smooth self-driving experience. With this, accidents will be almost zero.

Lane departure warning – Even with drivers behind the wheel, lane departure warning technology is a game-changer in the safety of fleet vehicles. This means that each vehicle will stick to its own lane to eliminate a significant number of accidents.

Automatic braking system – This is a combination of sensors, cameras, and other technologies that brakes the car automatically when there is an obstruction in front or behind. Future fleet vehicles with such technology will avoid accidents in parking lots, which are still very rampant at the moment.

Final Word

Well, every vehicle technology that is added has something to do with safety. Basic accessories such as safety belts and enhanced airbags are essential safety gear today and in the future. Therefore, you should consider enhancing the safety of your fleet vehicles right now and change this as the future of the vehicle’s safety evolves.

Industrial Robotic Arms in the Manufacturing Setting

Industrial Robotic Arms

Industrial robotic arms are built to perform a variety of tasks and as such they are high-tech. robust and some are even quite affordable. A manufacturing environment cannot function with a single robot, the organization should invest in various robots to perform the numerous tasks available.

Some sectors of the economy that had ruled out the significance of industrial robotic arms and chose to stick to human operators have found it almost impossible to cope with the competition and have changed tact as a result. This is as a result of rapid return on investments by the machinery, speed and consistent quality in results.

Robots hence are the world movers of today very little can be performed meticulously and effectively without the use of these machines. Whether new or old, these machines can be repurposed and reused in different robotic applications due to their versatility and flexibility.

Robotic Arm Functions in a Manufacturing Setting

Robotic arms are used in various industries namely; food processing, automobile production. These robots can be applied in multiple areas such as welding, material handling, milling and painting among others.

Material Handling

Material handling robots have the capability of automating the most dangerous, strenuous and tedious tasks in a production line. In the production line material handling robots enhance the efficiency of the production line as well as the provision of quality goods on time that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Material handling encompasses a variety of tasks on the working areas such as packing, transferring and machine loading among others. When selecting machine handling robots it is crucial to consider speed and payload, grippers and end-of-arm tooling all as requirements.

Assembly Line

Assembly line robotic arms are utilized for lean industrial procedures and have enlarged production abilities in the manufacturing environment. These robots unburden the workforce from strenuous and dull assembly line tasks and are also able to improve speed and consistency.

End-of-arm tooling can be tailor-made for each machine to serve manufacturing requirements. Extra alternatives such as robotic vision can be incorporated to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of sorting identifiers.


Robotic milling is the procedure of chipping away fragments from a mold or a prototype to form a conclusive structure. Milling robots can perform precise cuts and have exact movements needed for the production of the highest quality parts achievable.

An object of any dimension can be milled but requires adjustments in end-of-arm tooling and programming as well. Robotic milling work cells are forged in such a way that they contain multiple part fixtures enabling securing more parts and improving production.


Robotic welding can be defined as the use of mechanized programmable tools that definitively automate a welding process by handling the part and performing the weld. Robotic welding is a relatively new trend in robotics. Robotic welding was first used for spot welding in the automobile industry.

Robotic welding is on the rise and commands a 20% market share of all robotic applications. The most popular forms of robotic welding are arc welding, spot welding, resistance welding and laser welding. The main feature of robotic welds is quality and reduction of errors.

Industry palletizing is the action of loading or unloading fragments, boxes or other parts from pallets. This action can involve robots and is termed as robotic palletizing. Palletizing robots are reliable options for various industries such as shipping, manufacturing and food processing among others. Robotic palletizers are available in a wide range with distinct reach and payloads.

End-of-arm tooling variability allows for flexibility of distinct types of robotic palletizing. They include bag grippers which have a unit and support it at the base whereas magnetic and suction grippers handled more ridged units and grip them from the peak. Palletizing also enhances uniformity of loading and unloading procedures.


To sum it all up, most of these robotic arms have a variety of functions as discussed above. Most can be reused, reprogrammed and reconditioned to save on capital investments.

Your 2019 Website Marketing Guide

Website Marketing Guide

Out there in the digital world, your website is your company and your brand’s biggest ambassador. And just like a human ambassador, its role should be to make sure new visitors feel welcome, can find their way around easily, and get something meaningful out of the interaction. With that in mind, we delve into some of the best strategies to get your website performing the way it should – and ultimately helping to grow your business.

Steer clear of content that only promotes and doesn’t inform

People come to your website because they’re looking for a solution to a problem, not because they’re in the mood for a hard sell. Rather, focus on providing content that establishes your authority and builds trust. This is a much more effective way of getting people to part with their money.

Review your website design

Take a click around your site as it exists now, and ask yourself some key questions:

  • Is it clear within moments of landing on the homepage exactly what it is your company does?
  • What are the primary actions you’d like a visitor to take when they land on your homepage, and is the design making it easy for them to do so?
  • Does your website load quickly on both desktop and mobile?
  • Is it easy to navigate from any page back to the homepage?
  • Do you have social sharing buttons on the content you’d like to promote?
  • Are you giving visitors an incentive to leave their email address?

If you answered yes to all the above, the chances are good your visitors are having a positive interaction with your site, which means they’ll likely spend longer on it.

Have a professional SEO audit performed

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your website, so don’t let all of that effort go to waste! Even if your content is really great, it can be hard to outrank your biggest competitors unless you’re going for the right keywords and answering the right questions.

Aside from tracking down and eliminating technical errors that might be hurting your SEO ranking without you even being aware of it, an SEO audit can also highlight which of your pages and strategies are working really well. Established SEO firms with a proven track record, like Ruby Digital, will help you identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths all in one go.

Content marketing – try creating ‘content clusters’

Increasingly, search engines are giving preference to websites that cover a particular topic really well, rather than standalone pages. If you’ve already created a ‘pillar piece’ – a lengthy evergreen piece of content that discusses your niche in detail – then creating content or topic clusters around it is a great idea.

What these smaller pieces of content do is cover a particular aspect of the overarching topic in greater detail – all linking back to your pillar piece and vice versa. This way, when one page does well, the others get some SEO juice too. For your website, it’s the equivalent of the ‘rising tide lifts all boats’ concept.

Have a content and social media plan and schedule in place

Unless you’re outsourcing your content and social media marketing, it’s very easy to let them fall by the wayside or get put on the back burner. Having a regular schedule or calendar of what you plan to post and when can help you avoid this. Aside from its power for inbound marketing, social media also offers the chance to interact with your customers in a less formal way and have a little fun! It’s very important, however, that you focus your efforts on the platforms your audience uses the most.

Offer something different and unique

The best way to get more visitors to your site rather than your competitors? Offer something they don’t. It might take a little extra time and effort, but creating something unique or interesting is sure to get you noticed. Ideas might include:

  • Develop an app
  • Put together video tutorials or explainers and share on YouTube
  • Have a designer create some highly shareable infographics
  • Partner with a good cause – social media users love to share stories that let them feel they’ve contributed

Use paid advertising strategically

Paid advertising might seem like a simple shortcut to get more traffic to your site, but that money will have been wasted unless the content those new visitors land on is compelling enough to convert them into paying customers. Ads are a great way to promote your brand, but should always be used in conjunction with solid organic marketing strategies.

Also, consider all your options and do your homework before you select the most appropriate channels for a paid campaign. If you’re in the B2B realm, you might want to weigh the expected ROI for a highly targeted LinkedIn advertising campaign versus a broader general Google Adwords campaign, for example.

Website marketing takes work, but remember that every effort you make builds on what you’ve done before. Your website can easily become your most effective salesperson, but you’ve got to lay the groundwork first.

How the Right Tech can make Your Business Grow Faster

Business Growth

From delivering exceptional customer support, expanding your offering into new territories and enabling your employees to deliver their best work, making use of the right technology for your business is a surefire way to achieve long term growth. Here we examine just a few ways you could save time, boost efficiency and productivity, and ultimately grow your business and profits with technology.

Deliver your products anywhere in the world thanks to international fulfillment services

Thanks to the web, you don’t need a physical presence in a country to sell your products there – and for businesses whose local market is already pretty saturated, exploring new territories to market their wares can be the fastest route to growth. With many great third party order fulfillment services like Amazon and FedEx Fulfillment available to handle the shipping, logistics and delivery of your products for you, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

Improve productivity

From project management platforms like Trello, Jira and Asana that can help you plan, organize and monitor the progress of all your current projects, to team organization and communication platforms like Slack and Workplace by Facebook, there are a host of online applications that can help you boost your company’s overall productivity. Many of them are also free at the basic level, so you can experiment and find the one that’s right for you before committing to a paid package if and when you need it. What they all have in common is allowing better communication and collaboration between teams and departments.

Automate your social media

Like it or not, social media has become an integral part of business – both as a way to spread the word about your service, products or promotions, and as a way to engage and interact with existing and potential customers. Remembering to post updates and check in on all your various social platforms one by one can become pretty time-consuming however – and you also run the risk of missing an important time-sensitive customer question or comment.

Social media automation tools like Buffer and Hootsuite allow you to schedule posts, see all your social activity across all platforms in one location, include analytics to determine the best time for content posting, search for influencers, check all your brand mentions, and much more. Basically, they let you do social media like a pro – and that’s increasingly important for fast business growth.

Work with freelance talent from around the globe

Another big benefit of a connected world for businesses is the ability to take advantage of experts and talented freelancers even if they’re on another continent altogether. For companies looking to do great things with limited resources, sites like Freelancer, Upwork, or industry-specific freelancer platforms make it easier to source the skills you need, when you need them, on a per-project or hourly basis, and at a rate you can afford. Time-consuming research projects, content writing and web development are just some of the tasks you could outsource in this way – giving you more time to devote to growing your business.

Improve customer experience

Today’s consumer expects to be able to engage with the companies they buy from on their own terms – whether that’s on the phone, via email, live chat or through their favorite social media platform. Make sure you’re providing as many of these avenues as possible – and make sure you test all your support platforms regularly to ensure everything is working as it should.

Providing tutorials with screenshots or putting together a few helpful YouTube videos showing how to use your product may also be beneficial – and likely easier than trying to explain something over the phone or in an email. Customer experience management software and customer journey mapping can be great tools for analyzing and evaluating your typical customer’s experience and using that data to make it even better.

It also goes without saying that in order to provide great customer support; you need to keep your own systems running! Connect with IT companies in your area that can be available on short notice should your own tech let you down.

Let your employees work from anywhere

Many business owners are reluctant to jump aboard the remote work bandwagon, fearing that it will give them less control and result in decreased employee productivity. It turns out the reverse appears to be true – and when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. A busy office space with lots of people talking all at once, phones ringing and coworkers milling about constantly is not exactly the ideal environment for focus and concentration!

Email analytics

Did you know the average business owner spends about 20 hours a week on their email? If like many small businesses out there you’re making use of Gmail, then understanding what you’re doing right -and what you’re doing wrong- with Email Analytics can provide invaluable insight.

How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 18.2 Leia / 17.6 krypton

Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard can be considered as an add-on, which plays a major role behind the maintenance activities of Kodi. It is identified as one of the most useful utility features and tools available. It is true that Ares has been shut down for quite some time. However, now its is up and running again.

When you take a look at the latest version of it, you will notice that it is made only out of maintenance tools. It doesn’t have the builds section. The features that were discontinued in the latest version include game, video add on and music add on.

Ares Wizard add-on has received a lot of attention because of its ability to provide quality programs and streaming. It can also provide full backup and optimization to the Kodi database as well. One of the key objectives of Ares is to provide the users with a great experience. In case if you are tired of buffering that Kodi offers, or you need to take a backup of all the data, Its is one of the best options available out there to go ahead with.

It has received a lot of attention and positive reputation for the high-quality streaming options provided to the people. In addition to that, it is also possible to find a large number of programs that are compatible with it. This would provide complete backup and optimization capabilities to the Kodi database.

One of the beat features that you can see in it is that it has been designed to provide Kodi with an amazingly new experience. In case if you are tired with buffering offered by Kodi and if you need to take a backup of all the data that you have, this is one of the best options available for you to go ahead with. From the assistance that you can get out of Ares, the Kodi users are provided with the opportunity to go ahead with excellent optimization steps. For example, it is extremely easy to clear the cache file, whenever you want.

What are the new features of Ares Wizard?

Before we proceed to the installation steps, let’s understand the new features that you will be able to get along with it. Then you will be able to overcome all the doubts and second thoughts that you have in your mind, whether you should proceed with the installation of it or not. In other words, you will be able to determine if the hassle that you go through is worth what you get in return or not.

Backup and Maintenance

Backup and Maintenance is one of the key features that you can get out of it. It can help you to clear all the unwanted Kodi data without any hassle. With the backup and maintenance option, you will be provided with the chance to get rid of all the excess baggage, which are consuming the limited storage space that you have. For example, if you can go ahead and delete the cache, packages, thumbnails and the temporary files, you will be able to free up a lot of storage space. Then you will be able to use this storage space to get productive work done.

When you are using Ares, all you have to do is to go ahead and click on the backup tab. Then you can take a quick look at all the available options that you can consider to free up storage space. You will also be able to use this tab in order to restore the data that you have backed up. But you need to make sure that you have taken backups of data from Ares Wizard. Based on your preferences, it is possible for you to take a complete backup of the system, or only select specific data that you want and go for the backup.

The specific data that is available for you to backup include add-ons, add-on related data, GUI settings, favorites, sources and many more. This can provide you with complete control over taking data backups. This can provide an impressive experience to you and you will love the enhanced flexibility that you can experience out of it.

Tweak Tab

In case if you want to provide some extra space, you can get the assistance of Tweaks Tab. In addition to that, the Tweak tab is also in a position to reduce the total space that is needed for video cache. In here, you need to keep in mind that Kodi would allow a pre-defined specific size for the video cache. But you will get the need to find more space for video buffering. In such a situation, all you have to do is to adjust the size and take the maximum use out of it.

More Tab

You can get a range of additional options with the More tab. It can even assist you to reset Kodi, which is a better alternative to re-installation. If you feel like you need a fresh start, this is a great option that you can consider. It can provide you with the opportunity to save a lot of time as well as money in the long run. When you reset Kodi, all the data that you had will be erased apart. That’s why you are encouraged to take a backup, before you proceed to the reset.

Take a look at the additional features that you can find under the More Tab of Ares Wizard. Then you will be able to get a complete understanding of what its capable of doing.

  • Data backup.
  • Discontinued video add-ons.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Music add-ons.
  • Many programs add-ons.
  • Kodi log file management.
  • Kodi buffering fixes.
  • Internet speed tester.
  • Fresh start tool.
  • Cache optimization.

Before the installation

There are few key tips, which you need to keep in mind, before you proceed with the installation of it. In fact, you will need to do some tweaks to the security settings of Kodi. That’s because you will need to allow permissions for it to be installed.

For that, you need to launch Kodi. Then you need to access settings from the home screen. From there, you need to click on system settings and proceed to the desired add-ons section. With respective to the add-on, the option unknown source should be turned on. If not, you can do it from here. As soon as you do it, you will be able to see a warning message, which asks you to confirm your action. You can give your confirmation and then proceed.

It is true that the warning message is discouraging, but it has been implemented as a security feature. However, there is no need to worry about anything in this situation, as you ae going to install Ares Wizard, which is a trusted one. Unless you do it, you will not be able to proceed to the next few steps, where you install Ares Wizard.

If you are using the old Kodi, you must have already heard about Ares and the amazing benefits that it can provide to you with. In fact, Its something that can truly assist you to take your Kodi device to the next level. Therefore, you are encouraged to think about getting your hands on it.

It true that you will have to go through some steps to get it installed. However, the steps that you follow are explained in a simple manner as much as possible. Therefore, you will never come across any issues. We have made everything look simple for you and you just need to go ahead and get it installed on your Kodi to experience all the benefits that come with it.

How to install Ares Wizard

The steps that you have to follow in order to install it on Kodi Krypton 17.6 and Leia 18 are slightly different. To make sure that you don’t get confused, we will be explaining the installation steps separately. Therefore, you will find it as an easy task to go through the appropriate steps and get the installation done.

How to install Ares Wizard on Kodi Leia 18

As the first thing, let’s understand how you can install Ares Wizard on Kodi Leia 18. To begin with, you need to launch Kodi and then access Settings, which you can see on the home screen. Then you need to select file manager on the open window. With that, you can see the options.


From there, you need to click on add source and proceed to open. Now you need to select <none>, which you can see in the idle. Along with that, you can see a new window appearing on the screen. In here, you will need to specify the location of the source.


Now you will be able to see a new window on the screen. In this window, you should enter the URL of the source and then press OK. With that, you need to enter an identity for the source as well. In fact, you need to enter a name for the media source.


Now you need to add a name for the source and proceed. With that, you will be able to return to the Home Screen of Kodi Leia 18. In there, you need to open settings again and go to add-ons. Now you will be able to see an option named Install from zip file. This will now take you to a list of directories and sources. From there, you must locate the name that you have entered before. Then you need to select repositories and then click on androidaba.


You should now scroll down, until you notice “Repository.kodil-1.3.zip”. In case if you see a different version number, it has been updated. Then you need to open the newest version. You need to wait for a while in here, until you get the notification that indicates your repository add-on has been installed. This notification will be displayed on the upper right hand corner.


You can now come back to the same screen and then select Install from Repository. You need to launch the Kodil Repository, which has been installed newly. Then you need to click on program add-ons. With that, you can also select the Ares Wizard and then proceed to the installation. Now you can see a pop-up, which provides you with the additional add-ons, which are installed on it. You just need to wait until you get the successfully completed notification. It will appear in few minutes.

How to install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6

The process that you should follow for the installation of Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6 is pretty much similar. However, you can spot some minor differences as well. Let’s proceed to the steps.

On the device that you have, go ahead and run Kodi. This will take you to the home screen. Now you must click on Settings option, which you can see on the top left hand corner of the screen. Now you need to select File Manager and then open the window, so that you can view the options. From there, you need to select add source and then proceed to the next option.

You should now select <none>, which you can see as the option in the middle. As the previous step, a new window will appear in here. From the window, you need to enter the source, which you want Kodi to be installed. Now you need to enter the URL http://androidaba.com/addons/. After you enter, you can hit OK.

You can now enter the source of identity that you gave in the field, which was identified as the enter name for media source. You can enter any name in here as per your preferences. After entering the name, you can get back to the home screen and re-open settings. From there, you need to select add-ons.

While you are on the add-ons section, you need to click on, install from zip file. This will provide you with a list of directories. You need to locate the name that you have entered previously and then proceed with it.

You should next select repositories and androidaba. You need to scroll down until you see the name “repository.kodil-1.3.zip”. You might even be able to find an updated version number in here. However, you don’t need to worry about it and you just need to proceed with the file.

Now you must wait, until you see the successful installation notification, which says that “Kodil Repository Add-on Installed”. This confirms the successful installation. Now you need to locate the notification, which you can see on the upper right-hand corner. You can get back to the home screen and select Install from repository.

Then you need to open the Kodil repository and click on program add-ons. With that, you can click on Ares Wizard and confirm the installation. This will take some time and you will be able to get a confirmation at the end of it.

What should you do if the fixes are not working?

  • If the fixes are not working, there are few important steps, which you need to make. Then you will be able to get the job done without any hassle. It can be considered as the most popular maintenance and utility tool that is available for Kodi. Therefore, you cannot look for an alternative. Ending up with an error at installation doesn’t mean that you need to look for an alternative.
  • You must look for the methods that are available for you to fix the issues that you get and then proceed with the installation. This can provide you with outstanding results in the long run. In other words, you can easily get it installed on your computer and start enjoying the benefits that come along with it.
  • In case if the installation steps didn’t work, you can go through the basic troubleshooting tips. For example, if you cannot open it from the Program add-ons, you must go ahead and restart Kodi. You must also make sure that you are equipped with the latest Wizard version. You can also uninstall the add-on and go through the same process again and you will be able to end up with a successful completion.

What is the wizard repo new URL of Ares Wizard?

When you are going through the its installation process, you will come across something called the Ares Wizard repo new URL. Back in the past, the repo URL has been :


Alternate Ares Wizard URL – http://androidaba.com/addons/

However, this source is no longer available and people will not be able to access it. That’s because one or more files are missing from the location of the source. When you attempt to install Ares Wizard from the source, you will come across errors due to the same reason. You will not notice that files are missing at the beginning of the installation. Instead, you will only be notified at the last step of the installation.

Therefore, you are encouraged not to go ahead with this method. If you do, you will only be wasting your time and money. Therefore, you are encouraged to search for an alternative option.

It was possible to find a direct source, which people can use in order to gain access to Ares. However, it is no longer available as well. Due to this reason, some people assume that its is not available anymore. This fact is not true. Ares is available, but you will not be able to find it in the sources, where you could discover them.

It is true that the its disappeared for quite some time. However, it is back online again. You will be able to get the new installation from the Lazy Kodi source. There are few more sources, which you can access in order to get your hands on Ares as well. You are encouraged to take a look at those sources as well. If we come across any of the sources, we will let you know about them. Therefore, keep on coming back and you will be able to get up to date information.

Final Words

As you can see, Ares is one of the best and most impressive maintenance tools available out there for you to consider. If you are a Kodi user, you are strongly encouraged to think about getting hold of this. This will provide you with the ability to keep Kodi in good health. You will also be able to perform a variety of general maintenance activities on Kodi with the assistance of Ares.

As a result, you can make sure that Kodi is working in its best condition and performance levels at all times. You can also think about using it to delete cache and to reset Kodi to default.

With this Wizard, you will be able to get your hands on a variety of many other diagnostic tools. They have become handy and you are encouraged to take a look at them as well. Along with time, more and more people have got to know about the importance of Ares. Therefore, it has become an essential Kodi addon available out there for you to consider.

I have tried my best to explain you about the installation steps that you will have to follow in order to proceed with the installation of Ares Wizard. Therefore, you can follow these steps and make sure that you get installation done without any hassle. If you feel that I have missed something, feel free to let me know. You can use the comments section to let me know about your thoughts.

How Can an Entrepreneurship Degree Help You Start a Business


Here is something that will not surprise you:  someone willing to improve his knowledge and skills in order to start his own entreprise might want to join an entrepreneurship school. This type of institutions is more and more common, and even conventional universities now offer entrepreneurship programs from the undergraduate certificate through doctoral levels.

That being said, don’t kid yourself into believing that simply signing up for an entrepreneurship program and attending classes will be enough to turn you into the next big thing. Learning the fundamental of business (accounting, management and marketing) is essential for a soon-to-be entrepreneur, as is gaining skills like selling your ideas to potential investors and numbers crunching, for example. But let’s focus on the matter at hand and discuss what you should consider if you’re going to an entrepreneurship school with the goal to start your own business.

Forget The Easy A’s, Think Long Term

Every student that doesn’t live under a rock knows that some classes are “easy A’s”, but you must think beyond your GPA, especially if your goal is to prepare yourself to start a business and not to impress an employer. Look proactively for courses that match with your objectives and take them. Accounting and finance classes are absolutely non negotiable, and for obvious reasons: if you wish to start your own business and stay in business more than a fiscal year, you need to have a solid understanding of how money work, period.

Nowadays, sales and marketing courses usually cover both traditional and online techniques, and you want to get a working knowledge in these areas too. Look also for classes focusing on employee management, including recruiting and training workers, and take a least one class designed to teach student how to draft a business plan.

Innovation Is Something You Need to Learn

Having ideas is within everyone’s reach. Translating said ideas into products, services or processes is a different thing altogether, and that’s what separates dreamers from actual entrepreneurs. If you want to be part of the latter, you need to learn how to brainstorm ideas for new businesses, as well as how to identify potentially successful business opportunities. A class in innovation can help strengthen your critical thinking and assessment skills, which are both vital abilities for an entrepreneur.

The Time to Network Is Now

The biggest thing that people get wrong about networking is the timing: you don’t build a network when you need connections, you build one before you need it. You don’t have to wait until you’re really looking for investors to try and make some new friends and contacts. Build these relationships over time, while you’re still in school. Most professional associations offer advantageous membership rates for students, and you should also take full advantage of presentations made by professionals currently on the job market and whose careers seem related to your goals. Now is not the time to be shy. Listen and ask relevant questions.

Furthermore, try to be noticed by your professors and your fellow students that may well become future business partners. Look for any opportunity to work on and get involved in special projects. Get involved in efforts that can improve your presence and your reach. The more visibility you have, the more likely it will be that people will think of you when an opportunity arises.

Get a Practical Experience

Books and classes can only do so much for you, especially if you want to go solo straight out of school. In this case, there’s nothing better than really doing a thing in order to increase your level understanding of the way said thing actually work for real. One of the best way to get a practical experience before finishing school is through internships. Some of them pay a little something, while others are just worth their credits and field training you’ll gain.

Behave Like a Professional If You Want to Be Treated Like One

The stereotype of the college student wearing a hoodie, torn up jeans and sneakers is cute, but take yourself seriously if you want to be treated accordingly. Without overdoing it, dress to impress, especially during networking events. Plus, you should make business cards and be ready to give them. Also, start drafting or upgrading your resume like now.

Don’t Neglect Funding Opportunities

Entrepreneurship programs that offer funds to start new business ventures are not unheard of. Check thoroughly your university website and talk to the right person at the right time, you may be shocked to discover a not-so-secret pot of gold that could help you get started.

If you really want to start your own business and choose to go to university before, don’t waste this opportunity by going to your classes on cruise control: make the most of this experience that can be highly rewarding for those to know what to do and where to look at.

How to Manage Your Finances as a Married Couple

Finance problems

As the married couples’ pledge, “for richer or for poorer,” spouses must plan together to ensure that they give their children a better future and live a sustainable life. However, as many people get into marriage, not everyone effectively managed their money to survive the economic crisis. How many couples were able to fulfill their goals to have a bountiful life?

Sadly, most couples nowadays manage their money individually. Most of the time, women are obliged to do this responsibility. There were also times that men would only provide their wives just enough money for allowance and then they’ll keep the rest.

Also, there were families where both husband and wife are working. We are expecting this set-up to continue to happen since we already noticed how millennials are eager to manage their lives and finances on their own. It will then result in individual decision making when it comes to money. Worst is, most couples quarrel over this matter.

It is not yet too late to fix your relationship when you have this problem. As long as you know the secrets behind proper financial management, you will feel the rewarding experience it gives.

And the best benefit it can provide?

Knowing the right ways to manage your cash flow will strengthen your bond as a couple and keep you on the right track as you grow old together. This action will also have positive effects on your children. So now, invite your partner and let’s talk about financial management!

Talk to your partner

You live as a couple. Therefore, you must talk about money in a way that both of you are calm and willing to fix things. That means one cannot succeed if the other won’t cooperate.

This matter is something that the two of you must tackle so that you can get a better understanding of the real status of your finances. Listen and understand. Set your expectations and discuss whenever each of you wants to purchase. Eliminate cheating or lying since it will only worsen the problem.

Set your goals together

When do you want to retire? Is there a business that you want to put up? It is advisable that both of you set your long-term financial goals while considering your family’s welfare. Don’t be afraid to discuss the consequences and possible results of your financial decisions.

Open a bank account

Every family has different expenses. It is easier to stick on your goals when you open a bank account and separate your savings from living expenses. It is not recommended that you rely all on your expenses from your husband’s ATM because that will surely put all your money out.

Open an account for emergency savings, and daily allowances. In that way, you can control your spending when you set aside a portion of your salary into a different account.

Create an emergency fund

Sickness and medical expenses are inevitable most especially when you have kids or you are expecting another baby. Furthermore, natural disaster and the loss of a job are also other things that you need to consider. Therefore, it is crucial when both of you can prepare for these dreadful situations so that you won’t end up completely wrecked. Sometimes, it is one of the reasons why couples argue and worst, divorce.

Once they were not able to survive or handle this financial crisis, their relationship is greatly affected until they both give up. So, you should not underestimate money management as a couple. After all, once you are married you now have a combined pool of money.

If your emergency fund is not enough, don’t go for each other’s neck. Both of you should decide how much you need to borrow and which payment term can you meet with ease.

Track your budget

Tracking your budget means you keep an eye on your cash flow. Whether that is money that you add up to your savings or a purchase that you should make, it is essential to make your budget. It will help you adjust accordingly when an unavoidable situation occurs like income changes.

Whether you get a salary increase or one of your losses his or her job, it is great when you still control your spending habit. It helps you to easily adjust whenever a financial crisis happens in the family.

When you track your budget, it is important to be completely honest with each other. Make a list of priorities that both of you agrees on. Remember to make a personal list or priorities too and then work on how you can achieve it. Let’s say the wife wants to go on a vacation abroad next year while the husband wants to but a new entertainment system. These are individual goals but you have to work together for it to keep everyone happy.