To be honest Skype is still the best and the preferred option for VoIP calling, instant messaging, video calling etc. There are so many Skype alternative out in the market; still Skype has been running successfully since a long time. No doubt Skype has a remarkable appearance and is super simple to comprehend. You can create groups, send text messages, make video calls plus use tons of smileys on request and you get all these features for free.

Skype is used for both professional and personal conversations. Many organizations even conduct Skype interviews wherein they can gauge the body language, communication skills of a candidate much before he/she is asked to visit the office for an interview. It helps many candidates and organizations to save money that they would spend on direct interviews or for candidates to travel to the office location to appear for an interview.

Skype has helped many organizations to conduct the first or second round of interviews with HR or senior staff before the candidate appears for the personal interview. This also helps the organizations decide whether the candidate should be asked to attend the personal and final interview and whether the candidate is the right fit for the opening.

Again, you can say Skype is not the only option in VoIP and IM. There are a plenty of other Skype alternative that can help you access different features. When you browse through the internet you will get a list of Skype alternatives available for desktop and mobile phones as well.

Let us have a look at some Skype alternatives that you can opt to use and enjoy a different experience altogether.

#1. Viber

Initially when launched, Viber was widely known mobile app which was compatible with every device. It was easy for people to make text calls or voice calls for communicating with others. Currently the tool is available on Windows PC and Mac.

Viber is extremely popular among people in today’s world as an Instant Messaging app. When you come across the need to send a message to someone quickly, you tend to use Viber instead of Skype. That’s mainly because Viber comes along with an intuitive interface, which has been optimized for sending messages quickly to others. On the other hand, you will be able to go ahead and create groups on Viber as well. The Viber groups are pretty much similar to the groups that you create on Skype. That’s because you will be able to set all essential information in the Viber groups, and share files or images without any hassle. The participants in Viber groups can be managed in an efficient manner as well.

Viber can be one of the easy to use Skype alternative to make video and voice calls for absolutely free anywhere across the globe. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to have Viber installed on both devices (senders and receiver) to interact easily. Viber also helps you make international calls at highly competitive price. You will not be annoyed with any advertisements too.

#2. Google Hangouts

The prices are competitive and it is simple to use and compatible with web and mobile.

Google Hangouts helps you chat, make VoIP calls, video calls and send text. It is certainly the flexible Skype alternative as it allows you to make group calls with friends or colleagues. You get all this at no cost provided the participants count doesn’t go above 10. To make VoIP calls to some countries it may cost you something which is again a lowest price.

The best thing about Google Hangouts is that you are provided with the ability to go ahead and use your existing Google account in order to log into the application. It is possible to find all people using Google accounts. Therefore, you don’t need to do anything additional to gain your access to the Google Hangouts video conferencing app. You just need to enter your Google credentials and you will be good enough to move forward with.

The tool also allows you to broadcast a single hangout with the help of fantastic feature – Hangouts on air. After the hangout is finished, you can just upload your video to the YouTube channel. Hangouts also inform their frequent users regarding new Hangouts on air.

The best thing about Hangouts that makes it one of the best Skype alternative is its simple user-interface. It doesn’t ask you to install a third party tool to start using it and run it smoothly. You can start using hangouts right through your Gmail account or can install desktop app too.

#3. Webex

If you are more into online meetings, then Webex is not only the best Skype alternative but also helps you with online meetings and is extremely trusted tool. You can start using the tool starting with freemium model. The free version would be a perfect choice if you are a team of 3 or less members. On the other hand paid plan costs you $24 a month and offers space for around 8 members participating in meetings.

WebEx is widely being used for business purposes in today’s world. In other words, it is possible to discover a large number of companies using WebEx to get their work done. The companies that are looking forward to maintain communications with offshore teams hold a prominent place out of them. The ability to join the conference without installing a third party application on the computer has contributed a lot towards the popularity of WebEx. Most of the people don’t prefer to install third party applications on their devices.

Features of Webex

  • Allows easy file sharing and navigating between files
  • High quality video of 720p
  • Highlights the vital sections of the document that is shared during meeting or even whiteboards online for you to note down the crucial points for reference.
  • A feature known as ‘call me’ helps you feed in your phone number and get calls during meetings.

#4. Vsee

You can use Vsee to perform unlimited video calls for groups. Initially it was launched as Telehealth app which was actually utilized to offer medical counselling for people who reside in remote locations.

With time the app was upgraded and became one of the best Skype alternative for video conferencing. Currently Vsee is considered as the best tool for video conferencing which can be used for almost any task. You will be provided with the opportunity to go ahead and use Vsee for both personal as well as for business uses.

The best part about this tool is that it takes 50% less bandwidth as compared to Skype. Due to this reason, you will not end up with spending a lot of data out of your web plan at the end of the month. This is an impressive feature available for the people who are looking for a video conferencing platform with limited bandwidth. File sharing process is absolutely easy and you can do a video calling of 720p. You don’t need to be a technical person to go ahead and use this tool. Using the tool is extremely simple and you will be able to do it without worrying about anything. With the free plan it is easy to

  • Make use of instant messaging
  • Attain one screen share per day
  • Transfers files easily
  • Carry out group videos having countless members

In case you want to extend the limit of screen share, then you need to opt for paid plan offered by this tool. The paid membership costs $9 a month. For the students having email id, valid education id even the plus membership comes for free.

#5. Voca

With Voca you can make international calls at extremely low call costs to around 230 countries. The call quality is clear and genuine. You get incredible smooth functionality with a clean design. Also, the Voca to Voca messages and calls are absolutely free.

The tool has simple to use interface and encrypted messaging. If you are a person who is concerned about the security of the messages that you send out, Voca is one of the greatest options available to consider. In Skype, it is not possible to find encrypted messaging capabilities. But if you take a look at Voca, you will be able to discover encrypted messaging. Hence, it can be considered as a plus point earner for the application.

Voca certainly is one of the perfect Skype alternative that allow you to make calls at low call rates with the help of VoIP technology. The only thing that is mandatory here is that the sender and the receiver should install the app on their respective devices. The main features of this tool comprises of cheaper international calls plus perfectly encrypted IMS.

The international calling services provided by Voca are extensive as well as cheaper. The best thing that the features are created on a super simple user interface that helps you uses it flawlessly with ease. The service currently is available on Android and iOS only. It works really well on these two devices. The entire function is of supreme quality for all those who want to enjoy a hassle-free experience for international calls using internet connection.

The company has developed a payment system which works with credits. For example, if you buy a certain no. of credits you will receive fixed number of calling minutes to make a call. There is nothing less or more. Everything is fixed that is fixed number of credits = fix number of calling minutes.

You will surely love this tool as it is quite similar to your regular dialer. It is undoubtedly a perfect tool for those who are looking for making international calls at highly competitive price.

#6. GoToMeeting

It comprises of HD video and audio and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The portability associated with GoToMeeting has helped it to earn a lot of positive reputation. People will be able to use the mobile app and access the platform on the go. Hence, the service offered by GoToMeeting is pretty much similar to Skype. But if you deep dive and explore the platform, you will be able to get your hands on many other impressive features, which cannot be found in Skype.

GoToMeeting is certainly not a free service still it is an amazing tool for video conferencing. You do get a trial service for a month for free. If you are happy with the service you can just purchase the plan $49/month. Let us look at the features that this tool offers you

You can easily invite around 25 members to a video conference and schedule countless meetings. Skype doesn’t provide you with the ability to get connected with this much of participants at a given time. Hence, GoToMeeting can be considered as an excellent alternative available for the business purposes.

  • Experience HD video/audio quality
  • The service is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
  • You can start screen sharing with a single click via keyboard or mouse control and simply draw and select on screen to avail additional features.
  • As GoToMeeting is an ideal option for video conferencing, you also get a new product GoToTraining from the parent company that can help you carry out training sessions as well. If you are willing to conduct webinars, you can perform the same with GoToWebinars.

#7. UberConference

The only drawback that this tool holds is that it doesn’t offer service for video conferencing. This might stop you from choosing it as over other Skype alternative but if you can still consider it if you are into audio conferencing. Yes, Uberconference is the best tool which is extensively used by many. The tool offers free as well as paid free plans. This is what free plan offers

  • Unlimited video conferencing that allows 10 callers to participate.
  • Like different conferences, you don’t need to use PIN to organize the conference. You just need to join through the conference link
  • You can enjoy HD audio quality and the tool also enables call recording and call locking.
  • You can also merge very own UberConference link along with LinkedIn App, Google+ Facebook profiles.

The user interface offered by UberConference is amazing. It is much better than the user interface that you can see with Skype. In fact, any person would fall in love with the unique and one of a kind interfaces offered by UberConference. If you are not worried by the lacking features of UberConference, you will be able to go ahead and start using this tool.

In case you are running a small business, the free plan is enough to meet your requirements. If you want to avail the features of paid services you can get it by paying $10 per month. It is not a big amount and you will not find it as a difficult task to obtain the subscription.


One of the wonderful Skype alternative that is absolutely free to use and is has a simple user-interface too. It supports Mac, Windows, iOS and Android platforms. This is certainly an incredible tool especially if you need a video chat with high quality. With the help of OOVOO you can add 12 members to the video chat session.


  • Easy to send files in a single click, faster video recording with easy uploading to YouTube.
  • High quality screen sharing, video chat and call recording. In Skype, you don’t have the ability to record the video chats. To do that, you will need to seek the assistance of a third party recording tool. This brings a lot of inconvenience to the users. But when you go ahead with OOVOO, you will be provided with the best quality screen recording capabilities and you will not find it as a difficult task to capture all the conferences.
  • Incorporates premium account (free) which has 1000 minutes of storage plus calling feature for all landline and mobile phones. This is an amazing deal that you can get your hands on. In other words, such amazing deals are not being offered by Skype.

The best thing about this tool that many other tool lack is that it is not necessary for your friends/clients/colleagues to have oovoo installed on their devices to receive calls. You can even answer the calls made via oovoo through your Facebook.

#9. Jitsi

It can be among the top Skype alternative which allow you to send text messages for free, make video calls and also carry out video conferencing too. It is one of the best open source tool which supports Windows PC, Mac and Linux but there are chances that it will be launched for Android users too in near future.

The tool is compatible with WebRTC and allows you to make amazing video chat that looks incredible for two people to experience something fantastic.

You can indulge in video chat with an entire team too. You can just everyone to the chat you know as Jitsi is a completely encrypted and 100% open source solution for video conferencing which can be used the whole day and every day for absolutely free. You also don’t need to have an account.

To experience such awesome features in Skype, you will be asked to make a payment. However, Jitsi is not asking you to make any payment in order to get your hands on the amazing features offered. It can be considered as one of the biggest reasons that you can find behind the popularity of this tool. You will be able to use the tool with peace of mind and experience a large number of benefits in the long run.

What you can do using Jitsi Meet?

  • Share presentations, desktop and many more.
  • Share a simple link to invite different users to the conference.
  • Edit documents using Etherpad.
  • Choose fun meeting links during every meeting.
  • Share emojis and messages during the video conference with the help of integrated chat.

#10. FaceTime

FaceTime turns out to be the fantastic among other Skype alternative but it supports only iOS and Mac. It is easy to make videos calls of high quality at no cost. You can simply download this tool via Mac App store at $0.99. The only drawback associated with FaceTime is that only Apple customers will be able to use it. But if your audience is limited only to Apple customers, this will not be a major issue. That’s because you are provided with the ability to go ahead and simply use the platform and receive an enhanced experience than what you will be able to receive on Skype.

On the other hand if you have Wi-Fi, you can easily use this tool on the following devices

  • iPhone 4/ later generation
  • iPad 2 / later generation
  • All models of iPad Pro
  •  All models of iPad mini
  • iPod touch  – 4th generation/later generation

#11. Voxox

Voxox apps is amazing tool and can be one of the simple Skype alternative that helps you send text messages or make free voice calls. It supports iOS, Android and Windows. The app comes in multiple languages which are over 37 languages and enables photos sharing, fax sharing and video sharing during chat. You can also make international calls using Voxox to mobile phone or landline phones at a much lower price.

Apart from providing services for personal use, Voxox also offers services to business like Carrier services, Sip trunks, Could phone etc.


The internet has made it possible for people to connect from anywhere. A lot of apps for example Skype had made it easy for people to interact and connect easily. Of course Skype is the best and the list of Skype alternative mentioned above are equipped with the features and simple interface that helps you connect with the world in a better way.

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