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IBM reports more layoffs, worldwide

The cuts keep coming at IBM. According to this Tech Wire report, IBM has dumped an undisclosed number of employees. We all know the ‘big one’ is right around the corner.

Workers at IBM report through social media and the Internet that layoffs began hitting Big Blue’s workforce in the US and other countries on Thursday. Some employees say they work in groups receiving special emphasis in CEO Ginni Rometty’s rebooting of the company to focus on analytics, Watson artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

“From reports I have been getting it seems quite large,” a former IBMer tells WRAL TechWire. “A manager from one organization said it would cut 1,000. That is just one org.”

IBM declined comment.

Some of the people laid off were perplexed, given their positions with the tech giant.

“Hi. 20 year IBM’er working on Watson was just told I was laid off. Over 40, woman,” posted one worker.

“So I was in cloud and was laid off, you were in Watson and laid off. I thought these were the new initiatives?” posted one worker.

“The saviors of IBM. They should have sold off the legacy businesses to US before they went off on this charade.”

“I’m in US tech sales hybrid cloud,” added another employee hit by what IBM labels a “resource action” or RA.

The layoffs come just a week after  an investigation by website ProPublica published in partnership with Mother Jones accused IBM of targeting “aging” US workers and flouting age discrimination rules as it cut thousands of jobs over the past several years.